Block Captains


Sunnyside Connect is a network of volunteer block captains with the goal of quickly and efficiently sharing information pertinent to the well-being of our community and neighborhood.

As a Block Captain, we ask you to

  • Advocate for SUNI by:
    • Telling your neighbors about SUNI
    • Encouraging your neighbors to bookmark our website and become free members
    • Asking them to follow us on social media for neighborhood updates
  • Be a SUNI contact for your neighbors if they have a neighborhood question, comment, suggestion, or concern.
  • Maintain a contact list for your block. Direct individuals to our website. If necessary, they are welcome to contact us directly.
  • Share SUNI information when appropriate. For example, our new brochure (coming soon), welcome packet(also coming soon), or important planning and safety meeting information and details that impact our livelihoods and neighborhood.

Information sharing will connect all neighbors.


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Block Captain Details

3/9/2024 8:36 am

Block Captain Details

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